Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Future - Fun Place To Visit, Bad Place To Live

The program is the land of practical wisdom, teeming with slogans, aphorisms, analogies, similes, metaphors, and pedagogical vignettes. For me the wisest of them all is – One Day At A Time. In the dank church basements I learned that – while the past and future may be appealing in a theoretical sort of way – they do not actually exist – and spending time in a place that does not exist just ain’t healthy. To live, really live, one must invest one’s self in the present – that is where the action is. The following poem may or may not be relevant.

In Time

Was the cottage
Built too soon, or were
They slow to find it?
Spirits wandering in
Time, catching up at
Last with one another
How long did it take
To snare this moment?

Smooth, wide trail cut
Through an ancient forest
River meadow marsh
Shadow path of phantom
Tracks, train that left
The station, full of never was
Goodbye, and, in your dreams
Every remnant hauled away
For use in applications, more
Suited to contemporary fashion

Trees are busy
Modifying wardrobes
Breezes whisper secrets
Water undulates
Clouds crawl imperceptibly
Like hour hands at night

Heron anchored in a pond
Thin as six o’clock, feathers
Spreading wings unfolding
Outwards yet again, shaded blue
Slate gray, and white, horizontal
Stripe from tip to tip

Not a word between them
Not a motion, whoosh
And the feet emerge
Falling water drops
Whoosh, the ascension
Out of season, out of time

Alistair McHarg

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