Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Healing is in our very being, our nature. More often than not, when we do not heal it isn’t because we don’t have what we need; it is because we actively and passively put up roadblocks that interfere with the healing process. Beware; the lesson you need to learn and refuse to address is the lesson that will continually resurface and trip you up.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons For The Dead

A seedy neighborhood in Hades
Shabby streetcars groan
And squeal on Nowhere Boulevard
Madame Putchky winds up a Victrola
Drops its needle into wax and listens
Hissing like a fire made of cellophane 
Lester teases blue notes smooth as silk
Slowly they decay into the hall
Empty box with shiny floor
Massive mirrors cloak each wall
Smiling now she wipes away
Some wrinkles from her gown
Soon the students will ascend
On sagging metal steps
Shuffle through the door
What they failed to do in life
They’ll do forever more

Alistair McHarg

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