Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold Turkey – Ending My Paper Addiction

As of today all 3 of my books are available to download onto Kindle, PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, and Android. All you need to do is go to, then Kindle, and search on my name – Alistair McHarg – or by individual book – Invisible Driving – Moonlit Tours – Washed Up.

As it turns out, Kindle enables authors to slash prices – these Kindle-ized versions are half of what paper versions cost. This link takes you there.

I remember the years I spent chasing literary agents – getting them interested in representing me – and then being thoroughly frustrated and disappointed when they did. Indeed, the glory days of publishing houses are long gone; they are little more than sausage factories at this point.

It would seem that self-publication is my fate, and I am coming to like it more and more. In 1923 my step-grandmother Polly and her husband founded W.W. Norton with a loan of $30K. My father self-published his first book and ended up selling roughly half a million copies. Clearly, no matter how your work makes it to market, in the end it is all about believing in yourself.

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  1. Amazon reports that, for the first time, Kindle books outsold paperback books. Amazoning.

  2. Bob - For Amazoning you need a permit.