Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I’m Not Bitter; I’m Bittersweet

Life has rained great blessings on me, and it has rained fire. Manic depression, addiction, painful losses. But I have no complaints, only thanks.

A fellow dipsomaniac once said to me, “You will never be truly happy until you embrace life in its entirety, not just the parts you like.” That is the challenge, no matter how terrified we are by the mysteries around us.

Faith or fear, the choice is clear. We want logic, yet faith, by its very nature, exists in the absence of proof, or even concrete evidence.

You take an enormous step towards peace of mind and joy when you go “all in” the way a child jumps into a clear lake on a summer afternoon.

American culture frequently seems juvenile and superficial to me, chasing the rose with no thorn, too lazy and dimwitted to see that the rose needs the thorn more than vice versa.

If I have any triumph at all, (which I may or may not), it is that life has not made me bitter, it has made me bittersweet.  

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  1. "... life has not made me bitter, it has made me bittersweet."

    Sounds like triumph to me.

  2. "acceptance" - so they say - "is the answer to all my problems today."