Thursday, February 10, 2011

Step Into The Dark

Imagine an America without jazz – blues – R&B – soul – gospel.

Now ask yourself why that music is so amazingly good.

Each pearl begins as a grain of sand disturbing the peace of an oyster. The oyster wraps the pain in beauty to make it go away.

Soul is not something you are given; it is something you pay for. And whether or not you understand why, you can always recognize it – your heart can tell the difference between cheese and Cheese-Wiz.

Nothing is free in this life; and irony of ironies, the ones who give the most have the least to show for it. It doesn’t matter; giving is the point of giving, the beginning and the end of it.

In The Dark
All is revealed in the dark
Secrets are unsafe
Owls, bats, foxes
Pinpoint their prey
Pale clouds pass slowly by
Veil the moon, like lingerie
I am a creature of the dark
Silent midnights are my perfect days
Raised in the whispering shadows
Trembling in every hideous cul-de-sac
Of the night’s inhospitable landscape
All is revealed in the dark
In squid ink black I met St. John
No tears left to blind me
Vision as sharp as a raptor
Day is for growing flowers
Laughter of children, bicycle bells
Night, where cold fire of burnt stars
Offers no sympathy or warmth
Is for sight
All is revealed in the dark

Alistair McHarg

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  1. My third encounter with St. John this week. I think he would have liked your poem. I sure do.

  2. Tom - I remember reading St. John of the Cross in college - and being introduced to the idea that one had to hit bottom before one could ascend to the heights of spirituality. At the time it was a philosophical concept. Later in my life it became almost too real. - I think this is one of my best poems - it is compact - honest - and full of story. Thanks for the nice words.